Otto-Eldred Elementary
Otto-Eldred Elementary
Students form the letters O and E with their bodies outside

Fine Arts

At Otto-Eldred Elementary School, learning incorporates much more than just the core academic subject areas. Library, STEM, music, physical education, and art are important keys in developing well-rounded students. Even if our students don’t go on to become professional authors, engineers, artists, athletes, or musicians, we’re confident that their exposure to these activities opens their minds to the beauty our world has to offer—something that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Otto-Eldred Elementary School assesses skills acquired at all grade levels per each special area. Students in grades 4-6 will receive a formal assessment grade on their report card for the first semester (2nd nine weeks) and 2nd semester (4th nine weeks). The grade will be in the form of O = Outstanding, S= Satisfactory, and U= unsatisfactory. We base these grades on skills that the student acquires in all special areas, otherwise known as "I Can" statements. We’ve provided the specific "I Can" skill areas under each specials tab below.

Library Services
Physical Education